to my most loved little nugget

for nugget


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my heart is bursting thanks to the support this little letter has received.

thank you thank you thank you.

love, lust and baby dust,

12 thoughts on “to my most loved little nugget

  1. Nicole .. Simply put .. You are an amazing woman for sharing this heartbreaking and healing letter … Much love Jocelyn

  2. Nicole, I read every post you write and am amazed at the strong and beautiful person you are.

    I have no idea how you’re feeling or what things like this are like, but I want you to know you make a difference in my life. I am so proud of you for sharing this letter with the world.

    I don’t know what to say to you. Every time I write something, it sounds wrong, condescending, or cliché. I don’t have any words that sum up how I feel about you, and your struggles.

    I know you have tons of support from everyone here, but if I can ever do ANYTHING for you, please let me know.

    Lots and lots of hugs.


    1. wow, thank you dan. thank you for your kind words and thank you for taking the time to read this. blogging is a strange therapy for me, and it helps so much to know that my words and experiences are reaching people in some small way. *hugs* right back.

  3. I love you, Nicole. I think this blog is so beautiful and so necessary. Remember that all of your friends, near and far, close and not so close, we are all here for you to draw strength from. And how beautiful that you take that strength and let it flow through you and then send it out to others who are hurting.

    1. so much love right back to you corrine. when times are hardest, we often look for a reason for it all. if this little blog can help even one person, it will all make a little more sense to me. xoxo

  4. Nicole, thank you for sharing your journey and private emotions with us. I had a miscarriage too – and you’ve expressed what I wasn’t able to process at the time. Your writing is beautiful and will help others on their journey. Sending you so much love Xxxx

    1. i had no idea penne…and thank you so much for sharing that. it can be an unbelievably lonely road and i’m not one who likes to walk alone. hopefully there are others out there that feel the same. so much love right back to you. xoxo

  5. This brought me to tears. I’ve never experienced wanting to be a mother before, and your powerful and deep words of what you felt- just made me reconsider <3

    1. Oh my. That is a big deal! I am a firm believer that motherhood is for some and not for others and I celebrate whatever choice a woman makes for her own life. But…having felt that connection, even for such a short time, was a pretty powerful thing. <3

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