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today i am delighted to announce the launch of kismet&kale; a blog inspired by my journey as a modern woman, doing her best to live mindfully and joyfully in this crazy world. this is a space for some of my more long-winded musings on life and the things that inspire and ignite me.

from my journey through fertility challenges, to my failed attempt at a 365 day yoga challenge (what was i thinking!?) to my unhealthy obsession with coffee and instagram, my life is an open book to many and i have yet to understand the meaning of ‘tmi’. i figured it was time to put my classic ‘over-sharing’ nature to good use. i am hopeful that my willingness to speak openly about my triumphs, my loves, my trips and falls, will encourage others to hold space for their own stories with confidence and compassion.


thanks so much for stopping by. i’ll see you soon :).


*photos by theĀ amazing human – nicole breanne – follow her on instagram @bottcomm*

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